Hottest Gifts for Teens Under $50

Hottest Gifts for Teens Under $50

We’ve all struggled for ideas when it comes to gifts for the teens in our lives. Stress no more! We asked a random sample of thirty high school and college age students what they'd want to receive, and here are the results. Easy, yet thoughtful ideas to keep you on the top of their list!

  1. Teens rule the modern world of technology, so keep them organized with a Personal Charging Hub. They can charge their phone, apple watch, and airpods all in one space. It keeps them organized and prepared! 

  2. A Tile Tracker. Hook a tile tracker to your phone, keys, wallet, or whatever necessities you cannot lose. With bluetooth connection, your tile alarms a sound whenever you need, making it impossible to lose something for good. Help forgetful teens keep their necessities safe. 

  3. A trendy customization to teens’ rooms are light changing LED light strips. There is nothing better to a teenager than having their own room exactly the way they want. With a remote control and color-changing abilities, these lights are sure to keep your teen up to date with the trends. 

  4. An Echo Dot. An Echo Dot is a small smart speaker. It uses Alexa as a personal assistant to do hundreds of tasks like listen to music, play the news, and answer countless of questions. This is a great room accessory to any teen. 

  5.  The JBL Clip 3 is a portable bluetooth speaker. Every teen loves music. It has a clip on it that can clip to anything, allowing a teen to take their music wherever they are for up to 10 hours. 

  6. For teens away from home or away at college, try any of sacksy thyme microwavable heating pad. There’s nothing better than a warm hug, especially when you can't be home for the holidays. The Special Blend aroma smells of cherry and lavender and are amazing. A gift they will appreciate, especially on those cold winter nights.

  7. An Amazon or Visa gift card is always available for the impossible teens. It allows them to buy whatever they please. It keeps their options open, and keeps you winning during this holiday season! They are available online, or any convenience store or gas station. 

Shopping for teens can be very tough, so use this to stay winning during the holidays!

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