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7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas on a Budget

Running out of time, money and ideas this Valentine's day? Here are 7 simple but thoughtful things you can do on a budget:

  1. Breakfast in Bed- Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? Start the day off with a romantic surprise serving your love up with some eggs and bacon, or perhaps some French toast with strawberries and whip cream. Add a single rose to the tray for impact. Oh, and don’t forget the coffee!
  2. Handwritten Poem- Tell your Valentine what they mean to you in a unique handwritten poem. Get some inspiration from this list, a favorite book or song and bring out your inner Ed Sheeran. If you’re a romantic, this should be right up your alley!
  3. Cook Dinner- If you're a modern day Julia Child, you’ll have no problem cooking up some magic in the kitchen for a romantic candlelight dinner. Lacking on the culinary skills front? Then maybe try an easier recipe, and it will mean even more! If timing is of the essence, then order some take out from a favorite restaurant. Serve it up with a nice tablescape of white table linens, rose petals, romantic music, and some good wine. 
  4. Handmade Valentine's Card- You’re never too old to get out the construction paper and a pair of scissors. Add a few unique, corny love lines and boom! This is guaranteed to put a smile on his or her face. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration.
  5. Gift a Dessert- Everyone loves chocolate, and if they don’t, they probably love fruit.  Chocolate strawberries are a must for Valentine's Day, and they’re pretty easy to make. Here’s the recipe.
  6. Write a Song- We’ve all seen the movie where the guy serenades a girl outside her bedroom window.   Well, that’s what every girl secretly wants, so make her happy and put the pen to the paper! If you can play an instrument, that’s even better! There’s nothing more romantic than a serenade. If you’re shy, then this should provide you with some pretty big brownie points. However, if you sound like a cat falling from a 12 story building when you crack a tune, then you may want to hold off on this one. Perhaps bring along a bluetooth speaker and just stand there instead!
  7. Draw a Bubble Bath- Relaxation is priceless, and there are many ways to achieve this, even in your own home. If you can’t get away for a mini massage, try a bubble bath in your own tub. All you’ll need is a tub, bubble bath or aromatherapy bath salts, a few candles and if you’re able, some champagne! Have this ready for your love after dinner for a unforgettable evening of relaxation.

More than anything, your Valentine wants to know you made the effort.  Try your best and make some fun memories!  

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