All Natural Herbal Heating & Cooling Pads

Made to help relax and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.  

Choose a style from the collections below, then select a fabric & your favorite herbal aroma.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Our All Natural Aromatherapy sacks combine the benefits of both Hot and Cold therapy, along with a calming herbal aroma which promotes relaxation, while releasing tension and stress.

Sacksy Thyme's All Natural Aromatherapy sacks are made with the highest quality ingredients, top quality certified organic herbs, and high quality craftsmanship. We use all natural herbal fillers such as dried cherry pits and flaxseed grown here in the USA. The fresh aroma from our top quality herbs help alleviate stress and promote relaxation while moist heat penetrates into your muscles to offer a unique Sacksy Thyme experience!

Each herbal sack is uniquely designed with you in mind. We hand make all of our sacks from start to finish - hand cutting, filling and sewing, which lends itself to its character and uniqueness. Since each of our sacks are made to order, we guarantee that all of our herbs and fillers are the freshest they can be!

Our large selection of herbs allows you the option of creating your own unique aromatherapy sack. You can choose from a variety of herbs and fabrics, or go unscented if you wish. Made to help relax and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

We love our products and are so sure you will too, that's why we proudly offer a hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee! 

Proudly MADE IN USA - for you, with love

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Sacksy Thyme AWARDED Best Heating Pads for Cramps by TEEN VOGUE Magazine!

"Cozy Night In Essentials"

The Original Sack Featured in Town & Country Magazine, The Weekly Covet

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The aroma, weight, size, and feel of the fabric all combine to make a very comforting heating pad. It's just what I hoped for. -Laurie M

I am recovering from Bell's palsy and have been using this pad to aid in relaxing my facial muscles. The smell is lovely and it's very portable! Perfect for sitting on the couch and waltzing around the house with it slung over my shoulder. Even my scalp feels more relaxed! This has been amazing for me. Highly recommend.-J.D.

My girlfriend might marry me because of this. She loves it so much.-Chase

I've been looking for a nice herbal bag and believe me they are hard to find. There are lots of bags but one of the things that really turns me off is the smell. This one actually smell like lavender and cherries. If you like those smells, you will probably like this bag. It's a nice weight too.- Phyl

Absolutely love THE ORIGINAL sack.  I use it every night while watching TV.  I switch it up, some nights I use it on my neck, other times over my belly.  It really helps with my stomach cramps.  It stays hot for quite a while, I was surprised.  Love the subtle scent of lavender and cherry!!- Maria V.

I purchased the "Everywhere Sack" for my mom who has some issues with her back.  She said it was the best gift I got her.  It fit perfectly in the small of her back and kept her warm for hours at night.- Greg S.

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