About Us

In 2010, Sacksy Thyme was just a small start up, based out of a garage in a small town in Pennsylvania, where innovation and creativity came alive. We were on a mission to create something unique and personal that would be comforting in times of need, like a warm hug from someone you
At Sacksy Thyme, we believe that great products make people happy. We believe that everyone deserves exceptional quality and customer service. Our team is made up of a group of women who take great pride in making each Sacksy Thyme® heating pad by hand, for you, with love, and
positive vibes.
Ten years later, our Sacksy Thyme® heating pads have become the gold standard and brand recommended most, providing comfort and a natural alternative to thousands of customers
around the world.
We are thankful for you, our great customers. Without you, our small business would not be what it is today. We love you.