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Sacksy Thyme

Sacksy Thyme Aromatherapy Relax Mist

Sacksy Thyme Aromatherapy Relax Mist

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Step into a realm of serenity and revitalization with our All-Natural Aromatherapy Mist, meticulously crafted to harmonize with the delightful scent of Sacksy Thyme's Signature Blend herbal heating pads. Infused with botanical essences chosen to complement the comforting warmth of our pads, this mist creates an ambiance of tranquility and renewal.

Indulge in the gentle embrace of floral and herbal notes, evoking a sense of calm and relaxation that envelops your surroundings. Our formula is carefully curated to be free of synthetic ingredients and toxins, ensuring a pure and wholesome experience for your well-being.


Ingredients: Distilled Water (H2O), Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia), Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Eucalyptus globulus), Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita), Essential Oil Signature Blend, Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus officinalis), Plant-Based Ethanol Alcohol.

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