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Sacksy Thyme

The Everywhere Sack, Microwave Heating Pad, 22" x 7.5"

The Everywhere Sack, Microwave Heating Pad, 22" x 7.5"

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Herbal Filler

Our most versatile herbal heating pad yet!  Perfect density for large areas, like back, stomach, chest, shoulders, and neck. 

Uses include everything from stiff shoulder and back muscles, to menstrual cramps or belly aches, fibromyalgia, ibs and more.  Can be used on the chest to help soothe congestion and cough, or even as a weighted pad for those with anxiety to help them sleep more comfortably.

The Everywhere Sack may retain heat for up to an hour.  If using under blankets as a bed warmer, heat may last for several hours.  Our high quality Organic Flaxseed and Cherry Pit filler provides longer lasting moist heat while our Certified Organic herbs tantalize the senses! 

Available in our signature Special Blend, Unscented or customize your own to make this experience even more unique.  Choose from several herbal options:

Special Blend 

The Special Blend is a mix of our best selling certified organic herbs.  You will be able to detect a hint of french lavender, eucalyptus, a little peppermint and even some lemon verbena or lemongrass.  It will also lessen over time, freshest being when you receive it since all of our sacks are made within 12-24 hours of being shipped out to you!

If you have sensitivities or allergies to aromas, we recommend the Unscented option, which will omit the herbs, leaving you with the subtle aroma of the natural dried cherry pits and flaxseed.


To Use Hot: Heat in microwave for 2 minutes.  Carefully touch to test.  For best results, use a turntable or flip sack halfway through heating time.  If additional warmth is desired, continue heating in 15-20 second intervals. Do NOT exceed two and a half minutes of heating time per use.  Make sure your heating pad is completely cool or back to room temperature before reheating for another use.  Microwave heating times vary, always test for hot spots and temperature before using. 

For Cold Therapy: Place in Freezer for 2-3 hours before use and will remain cool for up to15-20 minutes on average. For best results, keep all Sacksy Thyme products in a plastic bag in the freezer for freshness.

Perfect comforting experience when you need it most.

Approximate Item Specifications:

Weight: 2.5 lb.

Length:  22"

Width:  7.5"

As always, Made in the USA


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