Hot pack or cold pack: which one to use after Inflammation Injuries

For any person suffering from pains and muscular aches, Inflammation injuries are a common affliction. Hot or cold packs are The best way to get ri...
Does Heat Make You Lose Weight?

Does Heat Make You Lose Weight?

When it comes to melting belly fat, people often ask if there is such a thing as the perfect weight loss plan. The answer: yes and no! There is no ...
 Heating Pad for Back Pain

Why a Heating Pad for Back Pain is the Best Solution

Life gets busy. The full schedules, long drives to and from the workplace, and excessive use of laptops and cell phones often result in mind-numbing back pain. Pain could be experienced in any region of the back. The most common kind of back pain is a pressing and stabbing feeling in either the upper or lower back area.