Benefits of Sacksy thyme Organic Eye Pillow

Benefits of Using an Eye Pillow

Eye pillows often make us think of trips to the spa, but it's time to think of them in a different light and start including them as part of our everyday home self-care routine! Eye pillows have many benefits; they're not just tools to help relax you while on holiday. Those with everyday stress can benefit tremendously from the eye pillow.

When leaving an eye pillow out on your desk or somewhere close by, not only will it help you unwind after a hard day at work, but it will also help your mental health in more than one way. For example, eye pillows are potent stress relievers that can easily calm high anxiety levels to provide a clearer mind and fewer worries overall. One can't expect their best work without some form of daily relaxation such as this!

Vagus nerve

Many of the health benefits of an organic eye pillow come from its influence on the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is a large fiber that begins in the brain and runs down the back of your neck. It progresses even further to regulate heart rate and other important bodily functions like digestion and mood control. The body's ability to relax is fostered through control over these functions. It helps explain how the brain can be influenced positively through dream sleep to help release tension and negative emotions, leading to better sleep patterns overall.

Eye pillows help relieve the stress and anxiety that one feels because of how sensitive to light the eyes are by pressing on areas near them. This pressure transfers to the brain, forcing it to slow down so as not to be overwhelmed. The result is a sense of calmness as well as lowered heart rate. Continued use will help you train your body to become less reactive and more resilient against stress, which helps overcome panic attacks or even chronic anxiety.

Eye pillows include many benefits, such as calming one's racing mind and getting rid of stress. These eye pillows will not only help you to unwind after a long day but can be used for a more specific purpose, like easing yourself into an easy meditative state, helping you concentrate on your breathing in the process. This can prepare the mind before sitting down to engage in deep savasana (full body rest).

So, let's look at how we can use eye pillows to make the most of them?

5 Benefits of Using an Eye Pillow


The Sacksy thyme organic Eye Pillow makes an excellent gift! It's ideal for those who work at a desk and don't get enough rest. Our organic Eye Pillow helps your eyes relax, relieving you from visual overload with its cooling relief effect. Just put it in the freezer or fridge, lie down and place the cooling eye pillow over your eyes; recover from visual overload and relax!

After work to relieve burning eyes

Do your eyes often feel tired and itchy? It might be due to how much time you spend hunched over a screen. Sacksy Thyme Organic Eye Pillow is an organic product that will help relieve symptoms of dry and irritated eyes after working or sitting in front of a computer all day. For extra relief, combine this with a warm compress under the eye pillow since heat also helps relax tense muscles in the area around your eyes that may also be contributing to the irritation.

Boosting your mood at any time

Many of us need a little 'me/us' time to unwind. A lot is going on every day, and it could do some good for you if you give yourself a chance to relax. You shouldn't feel guilty about taking time to slow down and blow off some steam from time to time. A great way that many people find effective is the use of eye pillows, like those made by Sacksy thyme Organic Eye Pillow, which come with the ability to lull you into an almost instant feeling of utter calm. After just a few minutes under their magic, you'll notice your focus is sharper than before, and your body feels even more relaxed than before you started 'meditating.'

At the end of your yoga session or for savasana

Savasana ( Corpse Pose ) is a great pose to help you relax and let go of your stresses. The name Savasana originates from the Sanskrit words Svā, meaning mind, Soul, and āsana, meaning seat or posture. So svāsana means to seat one's Soul. Many people use eye pillows after their Yoga workout as this helps them calm down and relax for a deeper sleep later on in the evening.

Right before sleeping in combination with Lavender


One of the great sleep habits to add to your bedtime routine is using a special eye pillow, which you place on your face whenever you lie down on your back.


It's amazing how something can be so simple as an eye pillow and yet have such powerful properties for self-healing. These many benefits show that eye pillows should not just be reserved for spa sessions but instead have their uses regularly combined into daily life to promote optimal health and stress resilience.

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