How to use Eye Pillows?

How to use Eye Pillows?

Have you ever noticed that sweet little pillow at the end of your yoga mat in class and wondered what it's for? It's called an eye pillow, and it helps keep you relaxed when you're in savasana!

An eye pillow is essentially a bean bag, weighted with small black beans or seeds to help it mold around the face, blocking out all light. Many people worldwide use an eye pillow for instant relief from headaches or insomnia due to stress for optimal relaxation and comfort during sleep. The Sacksy Thyme organic eye pillows are filled with linseed (known as flax in the UK), making them heavier and able to mold in every direction so that your eyes stay completely covered even when you move around.

Eye pillows are sometimes scented with dried lavender, but others are left unscented to customize our desires. Scent can be a strong personal choice and a really useful part of this practice. If you'd like to learn more about this ancient tradition, I recommend Neals Yard!

How can you use an eye pillow?

Savasana is great, but if you're not, in fact, a corpse when practicing it, what can the instructor do to help your body relax? If there's light, that's distracting. As heavy as draping your eyes with a hand is satisfying weightiness that alone cannot signal your body to relax as needed for a yogi. It becomes about signaling through all of your senses.

An eye pillow is an easy way to relax in savasana at the end of class. That can be your first step towards getting rid of tension and stress during a short period of time!

There are other uses for eye pillows, though, too.

Weighting in postures

Eye Pillows are also gorgeous for adding weight to postures in a more therapeutic setting. I love placing one onto the lower back in a child's pose, which helps to guide the weight of your bottom back to your heels. It's also gorgeous to pile a couple of them onto the soles of the feet when in legs on the wall.

Alleviating pressure

Yoga is fun, but we all know that it can get hard sometimes. There are many poses, and keeping them going can start to hurt your wrists eventually. I think the best thing to do to help lessen the pain is by altering your poses a bit so that you're not putting much pressure on your wrists at all. Popping the heel of your hand onto an eye pillow and elevating your wrist will take away most of the pressure dramatically.

Wrist support

I'm never far from an eye pillow and have discovered they also make great wrist supports specifically for when you're using your laptop or mouse! For example, fold them in half and place them beneath the base of your wrist. The pressure from the pillow will relieve wrist pain and tension. There you go – no more achy wrists!

Eye pillow recommendations

Sacksy Thyme eye pillows are perfect for savasana as they provide just the right amount of support while you lie still and take care of yourself. They can be personalized with any scent you wish, and the scent will always stay true no matter how many days or weeks pass because we use all-natural products in our handmade eye pillows.

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