Night Routine Essentials - A Microwaveable Heating Pad

Night Routine Essentials - A Microwaveable Heating Pad

A daily routine is full of academic and social commitments. People encounter challenging situations every day. Consequently, they get exhausted after working in similar patterns for weeks. These patterns impact the physical and mental health of every person. To unwind, one indulges in relaxing nighttime routines to alleviate stress.

For instance, people do skincare, get a massage, or do aromatherapy. These are self-care exercises. These routines are an expression of a healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of the night routine is twofold. Firstly, it must relieve you of all physical stress. And secondly, it should improve your sleep cycles. By achieving both, one can constitute the perfect night routine. The question is how to relieve oneself of the physical stress?

Worry not! We are presenting you with some products that will become your nighttime essentials. Sacksy Thyme offers microwaveable heating pads that will relieve all your stress. By applying heat therapy, these products make that physical stress go away. So that you never feel that body ache in the morning ever again.

Heat Therapy – A timeless remedy for physical stress

Heat Therapy is a timeless remedy for any physical pain. People have been using this method for centuries now. The treatment works like a charm every time you have a body, neck, shoulder ache, and even cramps. The reason it's so popular is because of the ease of application. All you have to do is put a sack, wrap, or pad on your affected area. As a result, the pain goes away. Moreover, you could do this step repeatedly without worrying about its side effects because the process is organic and healthy.

The positive outcome of it heat therapy is not only relief from pain. But additional benefits like regeneration of tissues and increased immunity levels. Moreover, steam exposure improves the quality of the skin. Hence, heat therapy has various advantages, including physical strength and skincare.

Microwaveable Heating Pads

The microwaveable heating pads are the top products of Sacksy Thyme. These pads use heat therapy to cure your body fatigue. The heating pads are available in every size, depending upon your use. To suit your liking, we've made this heating pad with two sides. One of these sides has a cotton finish, while the other has fleece.

Above all, our heating pads have flaxseeds filling. The heating pad is double-sided to capture maximum moisture. The heat retains for around 20-30 minutes for balanced heat exposure.

How to Use?

The procedure to use the microwaveable heating pad is pretty simple. All you have to do is place the product in the microwave oven. Heat it for around 90 seconds. Before a second session, make sure that the heating pad is completely cool. Once heated, place it on the affected area.

Sacksy Thyme designs scented and unscented heating pads. You can order scented microwaveable heating pads too. And have an aromatherapy session right at home.

Quick Tips

Excess of everything is dangerous. Therefore, you must keep a few things in mind while using heating pads.

  • Firstly, you must never microwave a heating pad for more than two minutes.
  • Always check the temperature of the heating pad before putting it on.
  • Let the heating pad cool before microwaving it for the second time.
  • Using heating pads while sleeping is dangerous. Try to not indulge in such practices
  • Keep the heating pad away from the wounds.
  • In case you get in an accident and sustain injuries. Try not to use heating pads for 48 hours. Fresh wounds usually require cold therapy.

The Perfect Routine

A lot of people have this question whether to use heating pads while sleeping or before that. To develop the perfect routine, we recommend using the product before bedtime. By that, you can yield numerous benefits, which are as follows:

Treats Sore Muscles

The first and foremost advantage heating pad is the treatment of sore muscles. Once you've placed the heating pad on the affected area, you can forget the pain. The heating pad will do its magic. For instance, you have back pain. You put the product on for 20 minutes. With blood circulation, the nutrients reach the affected area.  The heat sensation signals the brain to divert the nerves from pain to heat. And your pain disappears.

Relaxes Nerves

Another fascinating thing that heating pads do is relax your nerve. The moisture from the heating pad not just treats the pain. Additionally, it calms the nervous system. A clear indication of calm nerves is cool body temperature. The entire experience not only ends the pain, but reduces stress levels.

Improves Sleep

To sleep well, you must have a low body temperature. After your heat therapy session, your temperature is cool. Your brain is relaxed. As a result, when you lay in bed, you fall asleep instantly. Additionally, sleep is uninterrupted. Why? Because you calmed your nerves before going to sleep. And your mind wasn't preoccupied.


Sacksy Thyme designs its heating pads for aromatherapy too. The scented range of heating pads carries eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and a unique blend. The scented heating pads fill your surrounding with your favorite fragrances. Hence, you get a quick at-home aromatherapy session before bed. 

Additionally, the scented heating pads are great for flu, cold, and sinus. Suppose you catch a cold or have a migraine. The aroma will do the trick for you. Above all, you need medicines to treat your headache. You could pop the heating pad in the oven. Do a session before bed. And wake up ready to start the day.

Sacksythyme Sleep Essentials

Try the Sacksythyme Herbal Heating pad to replace your conventional electric heating pad or blankets. Place the Heating pad in the microwave for 90 seconds and bring it to bed to enjoy deep, penetrating, moist heat therapy. The Sacksythyme Sleep Essentials Neck wrap is ideal for anyone experiencing chronic neck or upper back pain. In addition, anyone experiencing sleep loss because of migraines will enjoy the organic flaxseed Linen Eye Pillow to release tension and create a highly conducive sleeping environment.



For coping with modern-day stresses, an effective nighttime routine is a must. And to have a perfect nighttime routine, heating pads are a must. Sacksy Thyme's heating pads can cure aches and refresh brain activity. Our products will do it all for you. And rejuvenate you to get you going for the day.

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