7 Ulcerative Colitis Life Hacks

Living with ulcerative colitis (UC) can be tough. Stepping outside for a quick trip to the store could quickly turn into an arduous experience, and even your afternoon out may not go as planned if you have this condition! Luckily there is help on hand in life hacks that will make living easier- keep reading below for more information about seven helpful tips available.

1. Sip on bone broth

This nutrient-packed liquid, made from animal bones roasted and simmered with veggies, can boost your immune system as well as soothe stomach ailments. Make a big batch to store for later use in case of any emergency!

The best way to get more energy is by making sure that you're getting all the nutrients required on an ongoing basis; luckily, this drink provides both vitamins B12 & D along with minerals like calcium which regulate blood flow throughout our body tissues - including those hard-working muscles we need during times where fatigue often sets it!.

2. Avoid certain foods

Spicy foods can irritate your colon further and lead to an even more uncomfortable situation during a flare-up. Accordingly, the best thing you could do is eat bland food that will be easier than usual because those kinds of dishes don't pack much spice at all!

Avoiding carbonated drinks can help limit air and gas in the gut, which may aggravate a flare-up. Beans are hard for your body to break down, so they should be avoided during an IBS episode or if you're prone to have one!

Greasy foods like bacon will also set off painful intestinal issues, while French fries will cause cramps because both of these ingredients contain lots of oil that creates inflammation within our digestive system.

3. Take a bath

The soothing sounds and warm waters of a bath can be the perfect cure for cramps, constipation or any other stomach pains you may have. Add some Epsom salts to make it even more relaxing!

4. Wear comfortable clothing

Loose-fitting clothing is the best way to relieve stomach pain because it's comfortable and helps you feel more relaxed. The two together will make your body happy, which in turn causes less stress on its healing systems!

5. Use heating pads

A heating pad is an excellent and affordable way to relieve muscle pain quickly. Whether you're just running errands or going on a long road trip, this great invention will come in handy when your muscles start cramping up!

6. Keep spare clothing handy

Keep an extra set of clothes and medications at the office if you have a flare-up. Even though they're unpredictable, planning ensures that whatever happens will be under control.

7. Eat eggs

After a flare-up, it's important to eat foods that will help fight fatigue. One of these is eggs! Scramble or boil them yourself if you're not too tired from your illness yet--they're both high in protein and iron, which can give instant energy when needed most during an attack.

The takeaway

Living with UC is challenging, but these simple life hacks can make daily living easier. Talk to your doctor about other ways that might improve and reduce symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease in you!


"This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Always consult your physician to determine a treatment plan that is right for you."


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